President Uhuru Launches a Locally Assembled Euro 4 Mitsubishi L200 Pickup.

 President Uhuru Launches a Locally Assembled Euro 4 Mitsubishi L200 Pickup.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has launched a locally assembled Euro 4 Mitsubishi L200 pick up at state house Nairobi.

During the launch, president Kenyatta has said that his government will commit to create an enabling environment for the growth of the automotive industry in the country.

I take note of the issue of getting the council established and that is something we shall see if we can do before we leave office to ensure that we create that enabling environment for the necessary institutions that will see this particular industry continue on its growth trajectory and becomes once again predominant part of the Kenyan economy,” Kenyatta said.

Kenyatta also encouraged stakeholders in the sector to work with the government to ensure that they achieve their objectives to revive the automative sector.

I really appreciate the partnership that we have had that has led to a revival of this industry that was once-moribund and for me to give you my assurance and my commitment that we shall continue to work together to reach the targets that we envisioned way back in 2019.”  Kenyatta added.

Speaking at the same event industrialization Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) David Osiany said that the assembly factories are currently producing a pitiful 6,000 units, or less than 25% of the industry’s production potential, he lamented. The industry has the capacity to build 30,000 automobiles annually.

The industry has been able to provide 100,000 direct and indirect jobs to Kenyans. The industry also contributes about 30 billion per annum to the government through taxation,” the CAS said.

Yasuhisa Kitagawa, the deputy ambassador of Japan to Kenya, stated that his nation is committed to its cooperation with Kenya and will make sure that all planned initiatives are carried out for the benefit of the people of the two nations.

Mombasa city where the L200 is assembled is an area that Japan has very strong commitment through giant projects such as the expansion of port facilities and development of Special Economic Zones, Mr. Kitagawa said.

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