New Employee Award to address mental health and wellness in organizations.

 New Employee Award to address mental health and wellness in organizations.

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Cloud-based employee management solution firm for SMEs in Africa Workpay will play host to this year’s Employee of the Year Awards (ETYA) a first of its kind event that will see organizations take part in and recognize and celebrate their employees.

The maiden awards scheduled for 16th July this year seek to honour outstanding employee performance within and outside their organizations while providing a platform for human resource managers and leaders to talk about employee mental health and wellness in organizations.

Workpay CEO, Paul Kimani

“Rarely do employees get rewarded outside their workspaces efforts on a day-to-day basis, this award will allow us to do so even as we highlight the systems and solutions that need to be put in place to ensure that firms not only have a motivated workforce but also a healthy and a happy one”. Said Paul Kimani, CEO, Workpay Africa

This practice is aimed at enhancing strong team dynamics and help employees form effective relations with their respective stakeholders hence increase their level of satisfaction.

According to Kimani, Kenya has a very vibrant workforce and a strong work culture that has seen most neighbouring countries strive to tap into.

However, despite this fact, “It is evident that organizations are still grappling with creating a strong high-performance culture that also fosters a positive working environment among employees”.

Besides, the awards seek to create a culture where there is a balance between having a motivated organizational workforce and still one that is centred towards performance delivery is key. 

Besides the reward system, there are clear pertinent issues that employees face at their workplaces hence a spike in depression and anxiety amongst employees.

Work pay is an end-to-end HR management solution that empowers fast-growing companies to keep track of HR processes, payroll employee benefits, statutory compliance and salary disbursement to banks and mobile wallets.

It provides a complete overhaul to the paper-based payroll system. The management team has over 30 years’ cumulative work experience in the implementation of resource planning solutions, with a team of 35 people spread between Kenya and Nigeria.    


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