Employment and fighting corruption among top Wishlist of Kenyans – IPSOS.

 Employment and fighting corruption among top Wishlist of Kenyans – IPSOS.

A survey conducted by IPSOS now shows that most Kenyans Wish that the next government administration deals with employment and corruption issues immediaely theyit gets into power.

Other issues that Kenyans wish the next administration deals with include issues of education access and the quality of education.

Speaking during the IPSOS poll results that have been released today, IPSOS Director for East and Horn of Africa Samuel Muthoka said that a larger percentage of the population will not take part in the election citing issues of insecurity.

Further, the report has revealed that 53% of Kenyans believe Kenya is moving in the wrong direction.

IPSOS has further stated that the Azimio -One Kenya Alliance candidate Raila Odinga leads in the polls by a high of 47% followed by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate William Ruto at 41%.

According to the polls by IPSOS a 5.1% of Kenyans are not decided on who to vote in during the next week’s general elections.

We have those who refused to answer that particular question, maybe the know and they are afraid or scared, and they make up 5.1 percent,” Mr. Muthoka said.

The polls come at a time where the country is going through difficult economic times with a portion of the respondents citing that they will not participate in the general elections because of the tough economic times.

Furthermore, the polls also show that only a small percentage of Kenyans feel that the country is moving at the right direction.  

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