Marketing to the silent generation

Marketing is the game of numbers. While the silent generation is likely to be found at the lower base of the population pyramid in most European countries, these senior citizens are quite few in developing countries, Kenya included. Read More

Influencer marketing, a hit or miss ?

By Victor Amadala Influencer marketing; where brands focus on using social leaders to drive their products and image is quickly out spacing traditional advertising in Kenya, thanks to its efficiency and high returns on investment.  The marketing gimmick described in 2016  as a marketing ‘hot cake’ by  Adweek’s Social Times is likely to earn a […]Read More

African debt relief: Freeze, forgive or forget?

The COVID-19 pandemic could potentially trigger a wave of defaults around the world.  Before the outbreak of Covid-19-19, global debt levels reached an all-time high of nearly $253 trillion, about 320% of global GDP. This has triggered panic especially in developing countries, with some rushing to welcome G20 offer to freeze while others think more […]Read More

Karen and Kasarani area record the highest capital appreciation

Karen and Kasarani suburbs recorded the highest annualized capital appreciation in the Nairobi Metropolitan area, a recent report by Cytonn Real Estate shows. The report named Nairobi Metropolitan Area Land Report 2020 noted that the two areas grew in capital appreciation at 5.6 per cent and 5.7 per cent respectively, in 2019/20. Ruiru on the other […]Read More